Aarsdale Harbour

Aarsdale Harbour

Aarsdale Harbour is a well-sheltered port in a charming fishing hamlet with an active commercial fishery. Aarsdale features the island’s biggest smock windmill which produces local products every day using wind power, and an active herring smokehouse for enjoying the “gold” of Bornholm.

On the waterfront, Aarsdale now features “Høkeren”, a local gathering place selling daily commodities which also provides free Wi-Fi to harbour visitors. It is also possible to watch Bornholm granite being transformed into jewellery. Visiting yachters are welcome in all basins. The harbour has new toilets and bathing facilities, a washing machine and a tumble dryer. The harbour can be entered day and night, except in strong onshore breezes. Lining up the harbour’s vertical markers shows the safe way to enter the harbour. 

Aarsdale Havn

Laksegade 1
DK-3740 Svaneke 

Tel +45 23 45 76 91