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Gammel Humlebæk Havn – Cosy and Idyllic on Sealand’s East Coast

This little gem lies among larger harbours on the Gold Coast of Sealand. Built as a fort in the English Wars, it was attacked by the Danish navy in 1807. The harbour was built as a gunboat harbour, but today it is small and peaceful, and well visited throughout the summer. The harbour is unique, as it is built exclusively with natural materials such as boulders and wood. 

The Friends of Gammel Humlebak Harbour were awarded the Fredensborg Kulturpris, a local cultural award, for their efforts to maintain the harbour – not only for raising money for restoration after the storm Bodil, but also for their long-term efforts.

Just outside the harbour lies the wreck of the warship Sjælland which sunk on the 2nd of April 1801. It lies close to shore in shallow waters and is thus popular among divers. The harbour nurtures its traditions, and the cannon league takes care of firing salutes from the historic cannon on special occasions.

The nearest neighbors are the famous art museum Louisiana and the church of Humlebæk with its pristine churchyard. What used to be the old inner harbour is now the church lake, Kirkesøen, beautifully situated between Louisiana and the church. Behind the harbour lies the most handsome fishing village composed of 18 listed buildings enclosed by their characteristically low fences. These buildings are the first example of real estate having been moved, as they were originally situated in an are around Kirkesøen. 

There is one remaining commercial fisherman left, who also happens to be the harbour master.


55°58,3'N 12°32,8'E

Humlebæk Havn
Havnevej 3C
DK-3050 Humlebæk
Tel +45 21 29 71 91

Habour master

Per Peteresen

Havnefoged Per Petersen Humlebæk

Port taxes

Duration of stay per day:
from 12am to 12am the following day

  0 -   5 m115 Kr
  5 -   6 m130 Kr
  6 -   8 m140 Kr
  8 - 10 m150 Kr
10 - 12 m 170 Kr
12 - 15 m 190 Kr
15 - 325 Kr

Power is included in the price.
Length of stay under 3 hours before 15.00 AM: 60 DKK

Please see further information on arrival.