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Grenaa Marina – well situated on the nose of Djursland

The yacht harbour in Grenaa is a large and hospitable harbour, where everyone is welcome. Harbour master Lars is at the harbour all summer long and loves to help his guests find their place. Boats lie well protected from the westerly winds in a harbour that is built around two artificial islands. The distance to the toilets, bathrooms, coin laundry and playground is short.  There are several restaurants, ice-cream parlours and other shops nearby. The lagoon right at the harbour has a Blue Flag, clear water for swimming and a sand beach. 

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56°24,4'N / 10°55,5'E 

See the harbour map and navigation here

Maximum ship size:
Draught 3,2 m.

Only 600m from the harbour you will find shopping opportunities and even more shops in Grenaa, which is one of Djursland’s largest commercial towns.  You can rent bikes in different sizes for both shopping and sightseeing trips. Close to the harbour - only divided by a small stream – lies the Kattegat Center, which is one of the country’s biggest attractions. It is well worth visiting every year. The Museum of Østjylland in Grenaa has a special exhibition of model ships in 2016 that is well worth seeing. 

Its location close to the railway and ferry makes the harbour a popular meeting place when the boat crew is exchanged or if you have to leave the boat for a longer period of time. The harbour master will always be able to make you a good offer and look after your boat while you are gone. 

Skakkes Holm 62
DK-8500 Grenaa
Tel +45 86 32 72 55

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Lars Weiss Hansen



Port charges

  0 - 10 m 150 DKK
10 - 12 m 195 DKK
12 - 15 m 260 DKK
15 - 340 DKK
Multihulls <13 m 220 DKK
Multihulls >13 m 270 DKK

Prices are always from 12am until 12am on the next day
Electricity: 15 DKK per 24h

Slipway per day / 2 turns: 100 DKK
Slipway for 6 months / 50 turns: 500 DKK

Campervan: 150 DKK per day