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Sail to Anholt in the middle of Kattegat

Anholt is an ideal stopover in the Kattegat, but it is so much more than that. High cliffs frame white, pristine bathing beaches covered with the finest sand. Behind the cliffs lies a forest, low grown due to the strong winds, leading you to the desert of Anholt, the largest one in Northern Europe.

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56°42,9'N / 11°30,6'E

See the harbour map and navigation here

Note that the website is Danish only – use google translate

Maximum ship size:
Length 75 m
Width 15 m
Draught 3,2 m



This is an island for relaxation and long walks around the desert or to the lighthouse ‘Totten’, from where you can watch birds and seals. Large parts of the island are protected and is greatly appreciated that you help talking care of the natural environment.

Anholt is a destination every sailor should visit at least once in their life. Many however choose to return, and rightly so. If you approach the island from the south, the journey leads you past the 111 windmills of Anholt Offshore Wind Park, which you really should see from up close.

During the summer the island is well visited and the harbour has a real summer atmosphere, sales stalls on the pier and all. On evenings, when the weather allows it, the harbourmaster lights the barbeques, lending a cozy atmosphere to the place.

If you choose to take a trip to Anholt off-season you will experience the island as a quiet paradise in the middle of Kattegat.

The harbour has been upgraded with aft moorings, which secure the boat in uneasy weather. While there is no playground at the harbour for the children, there is an entire island to romp about.

Gennem Landet 61
DK-8592 Anholt

Tel.: +45 86 31 90 08




Klaus Jensen
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Low season:

  0 - 11 m150 DKK
11 - 13 m200 DKK
13 - 15 m250 DKK
15 - 350 DKK

High season (week: 27-32)

  0 - 11 m200 DKK
11 - 13 m250 DKK
13 - 15 m300 DKK
15 - 400 DKK

Buy 7 days and pay
only 6 days.