Wilders Plads Marina

Wilders Plads Marina in the Middle of Copenhagen

Who would have thought that a harbour in the middle of Copenhagen could be so peaceful, entirely free of traffic noise? Wilders Plads Marina  is filled to the brim with history and ambience, surrounded by the beautiful old canal buildings. The tower of Vor Frelsers Kirke (the Church of Our Saviour) with its winding stairs can be spotted above the rooftops – that’s how you know you are really in Christianshavn!

Right at the harbour you will find several small cafés and restaurants with a lovely atmosphere. There are also tables and benches right at the waterfront, where you can enjoy a meal, providing you bring your own food. 

The area around the canal has a lot of big city experiences to offer. On top of providing plenty of shopping opportunities, you can also reach the Opera by foot. The same is true for Christiania and the Orlog Museum. 

The harbour is popular among visitors and offers you the opportunity to book a berth in advance. There is limited space for larger ships, so book well in advance. 

New bridge

There is a drawbridge over Christianshavns Canal near Trangraven. It opens once every hour between 6am and 11.55pm. However, on weekdays during rush hours the bridge remains down from 7.25am until 9am and again from 3.25pm until 5.30pm. 

Port charges

Berth   1 - 42:250 DKK
Berth 44 - 71:275 DKK
Berth 72 - 90:300 DKK


  0 - 10 m250 DKK
10 - 13 m300 DKK 
13 + 500 DKK

Tel. +45 40 96 37 72
or by mail


Thomas Bøgebjerg 

Wilders Plads Marina

Wilders Plads 11 A
DK-1403 København K
Tel +45 40 96 37 72

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