The end of the world

The End of the World at Soenderborg

The End of the World is the unusual name of the small municipal port, located just 2 km from the Port of Sonderborg. The marina is located between Christian the X's bridge and the Alssund bridge. The End of the World lies in quiet surroundings close to forest and nature. However, here is plenty to look at as many ships pass through the Sound during the day and several sailing associations are located along the harbour at the End of the World.

Here at the harbour there are the most needed facilities - toilet and bath as well as barbecue areas. At the same time, the experiences and shopping opportunities are close to Sonderborg city, just 2 km from the World End. Bicycles can be borrowed for shopping in the city. The nearest supermarket is less than 2 km from the marina. In the same distance is the pedestrian street with a wide variety of shopping and shops, a bakery and much more. If you need sailing and boat equipment, there are several options near the harbour. Ap Arte Sailware, which sells eg. sailing gear and equipment, BRAG, which sells marine sports and fishing gear, and Marine Storage, which sells everything in boat equipment.

Habour taxes

  0 -   8 m120 DKK
  8 - 12 m170 DKK
12 - 20 m200 DKK

The price applies to payment at the vending machine.
When paying at the pier, a 5 DKK fee is added.


Torben Østerby

Verdens Ende

DK-6400 Soenderborg
Tel +45 74 42 27 65

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