Tejn Harbour

Tejn Harbour

Tejn Harbour is one of Bornholm’s largest ports, with active commercial fishery and many trolling activities. In 2015, more than 400 trolling boats gathered in the harbour for “Trolling Master Bornholm” to compete to see who could catch the most and biggest salmon.

The port has its own microbrewery that also makes organic beer and lets visitors gain insight into how beer is made. 


55°14,9'N / 14°50,2'E
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Note that the website is Danish only – use google translate

The port has a self-service information point with always up-to-date weather forecasts, as well as the codes you need for bathing, toilet and Wi-Fi.

The port and the town of Tejn have virtually everything a visiting yachter needs: in addition to a supermarket, speciality shops and eateries, Tejn offers service businesses, which include a large slipway, shipyard, ship electrician, ship engine workshop, sailmaker’s, ship’s equipment business, coin-operated laundry, etc.

There are also splendid opportunities along the waterfront to bathe in the Baltic Sea or barbecue with a beautiful view to the north and south of the harbour, possibly supplemented with a dip in the outdoor hot tub or a visit to the woodfired sauna.

The Port of Tejn is the closest harbour to the Art Museum of Bornholm and the intriguing Rø Golf Course. To the north, one of the island’s loveliest paths winds its way along the rocky coast to Allinge, about 5 km away.

Tejn Harbour can be entered day and night in all types of weather and is very calm regardless of season and weather conditions. 

Port taxes

    <  7 m125 DKK
  7 - 10 m195 DKK
10 - 13 m245 DKK
13 - 16 m315 DKK
16 - 20 m380 DKK
20 - 30 m550 DKK
30 - 780 DKK

Fee includes electricity, water, sanitary facilities and wireless Internet. 
Pay at the payment machine and save 20 DKK of the above price. If the harbour fees are collected at the boat, you will be charged an additional 20 kDKK 

Discount: 8 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 2 nights free of charge.
14 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 14 nights free of charge.

Øvrige priser

Slæbestedet er gratis for ikke-hjemhørende både.

Betal i automaten og spar 20 kr af ovenstående priser.
Prisen er inkl strøm, vand, bad og wi-fi.

Opkræves havnepengene ved båden, tillægges 20 kr til priserne.

Rabat: 8 overnatninger overalt på Bornholm giver den 2 overnatning gratis.
Ved 14 overnatning er 14 overnatninger gratis.

Tejn Havn

Havnen 3
DK-3370 Allinge 

Tel +45 56 92 23 32

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