Svaneke Harbour

Svaneke Harbour

This is a unique harbour with an active commercial fishery and is where the “Sea Fresh” project, now found throughout northern Europe, started in 2011. The harbour was blasted out of rock in the centre of the Sunshine Town of Svaneke, which boasts more hours of sunshine than any other town in Denmark, and was also named the loveliest market town in 2013, and offers a wide variety of activities.


55°08,2'N / 15°08,7'E
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The harbour was fitted with a new jetty in 2011 and the harbour is calm in all wind directions. The addition of the jetty made it possible to increase the capacity for visiting yachters, so there is plenty of space, even during onshore winds. The area between the new and the old jetty is fitted up as a bathing area with a diving board. The town’s tourist information office is in the harbour office, with enough inspiration for many years of return visits, and a lounge on the first floor provides a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea and the harbour.

Near the waterfront are the keel, prow and stern of the barque “Svanen” whose length of 180 feet made it the biggest wooden ship ever built on Bornholm. The ship was built of Bornholm oak about 150 years ago, less than 100 metres from where it now lies. In the Gourmet Town of Svaneke, it is also possible to watch the making of countless local foods, such as sweets, caramels, liquorice, ice cream, chocolate, wine gums, cider, soft drinks, pasta, pesto and not least the world-renowned “Svaneke Beer”, or enjoy a wide variety of fish from the one of the island’s biggest smokehouses, among other venues, offering hot-smoked herring all day long.

The town also features a variety of shops, a cinema, galleries, a large puppet theatre and several active craft art businesses, as well as interesting buildings like the post mill, or the combined landmark and water tower, designed by world-famous Danish architect Jørgen Utzon. Fine eateries are located right along the quay. A local jig-fishing boat offers angling experiences. South of the harbour is a small sandy beach where the diving board offers experiences for adults and children.

A stay in Svaneke is a unique experience which can be supplemented in southerly or westerly winds by dropping anchor along the local skerry coastline and mooring your boat to a rock.

Port taxes

    <  7 m137 DKK
  7 - 10 m213 DKK
10 - 13 m268 DKK
13 - 16 m344 DKK
16 - 20 m715 DKK
20 - 30 m601 DKK
30 - 852 DKK

Fee includes electricity, water, sanitary facilities and wireless Internet. 

Other prices

8-13 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 2 nights free of charge.
14 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you 14 nights extra free of charge.

Svaneke Havn

Peter F. Heerings Gade 7
DK-3740 Svaneke 

Tel +45 56 92 23 30

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