Struer Yachtharbour

Struer Yacht Harbour – a great, spacious marina in Limfjorden

The yacht harbour of Holstebro-Struer is the largest in the Limfjord, and attracts many sailors with its fine location and many great facilities, both from the Limfjord and other areas. During the summer months the harbour is buzzing with life and sunshine – a great mix of landlubbers, tourists, regulars and visiting sailors. All contribute to create a maritime atmosphere and the special ambience, that so many enjoy. 

56°29,6'N / 8°35,9'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length: 15 m
Width: 5 m
Draught: 2,9 m

The yacht harbour has all facilities and possibilities imaginable. Here you can enjoy the pleasant mood at the quiet marina, surrounded by sailor cabins. In extension of the Yacht Club’s club house you will find the service buildings with bathrooms and toilets, as well as the opportunity to use the coin laundry and dryer. On the harbour premises there is free access to Wi-Fi. 

The newly established Wellness-Center Kurbad Limfjorden is situated on the harbour premises and is an exciting alternative for those who wish to experience wellness and recreation in a relaxing setting.

With its location close to the city, lots of entertainment awaits you. Both for guests, who want to explore the town’s many shops, and for those who want to check out its attractions.

Port charges

All boat sizes 136 DKK

Campervans: 155 DKK
Prices include electricity
Slipway: 52 DKK

Free Wi-Fi on the harbour premises!

Harbour master

Søren Adsersen

Struer Lystbaadehavn

Kulgade 6
DK-7600 Struer
Tel +45 97 85 02 28