Soenderballe Yachtharbour

Sønderballe Yacht Harbour in Genner Bugt

Sønderballe Boating Guild runs this pleasant harbour, which is situated in a beautiful natural setting in Genner Bugt at the Small Belt. The harbour is a meeting place – not only for sailors and fishermen – this is also the place where the locals meet to barbeque on warm summer evenings. The area is busy during the summer and the slipway is used frequently by people who enjoy water sports and fishing. The well protected bay has a child friendly sand beach.

55°07,8'N / 9°28,9'E 

See the harbour map and navigation here 

Maximum ship size:
Length 15 m
Width 5 m
Draught 6 m

When the harbour fee is paid, guests will be provided with a key for the bathroom and toilet facilities. The same key opens the door to the harbour’s fishing house, which can be used by guests also. Here you will find chairs and tables in case the weather is bad. 

Close to the harbour lies Sønderballe Beach Camping, where you can buy fresh bread in the morning, groceries and high quality traditional barbeque food.  You can rent bikes and take the highly recommended trip to Kalvø nearby. Enjoy the beautiful nature or eat a great meal at the seaside restaurant in Kalvø Badehotel.

The floating bridges sheltered your boat from the waves independent of which direction the winds blow. 

Port charges

All boats130 DKK

Electricity: 20 DKK
Shower: 10 DKK
Slipway: 40 DKK


The boom will be activated after payment with an App or 20 DKK coins.
Information to the port.

Price: 40 DKK.

Sønderballe Lystbådehavn

Sønderballe Strand
DK-6100 Haderslev

Tlf +45 22 41 18 55
or +45 42 42 31 64