Rungsted Harbour

Sail to Rungsted Harbour in Oeresund

Rungsted Harbour on the coast of Øresund can be described as Denmark’s largest promenade harbour. The harbour is divided into two parts: Fish shop, sailing shop, rowing clubs and other water sport related venues in the northern part, and in the southern part you will find shops, restaurants, and maritime shops. The marina is one of the largest on the so-called Gold Coast and has room for about 850 sailing boats. With its position close to popular waterways it is often very well visited. 

The marina in Rungsted isn’t for residents only. Everyone is welcome here, whether you are just a curious passerby or a visiting sailor. Lots of things are happening here for you to soak up at this bustling harbour with a high pulse. 

55°53,1'N / 12°32,8'E

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Maximum ship size:

Length 15 m
Width 5 m
Draught 3 m

On top of the many great offers on the promenade quay there are also plenty of activities for families with children. The beach south of the harbour is popular when the weather is nice. At the fishing harbour children and others who have kept their inner child alive can experience a real crab race. And for grownups there is a night club every Saturday during the summer season. And if you like to golf, there are no less than 3 golf courts nearby the harbour.

If the weather is bad there are a lot of other opportunities for entertainment in the area. You can rent bikes for a shopping or sightseeing spree, and the Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana Museum are worth a visit. If you want to see more, you can catch a bus or train right outside the harbour and go to must-see attractions such as the funfair Bakken, Tivoli in Copenhagen or to the many maritime cultural attractions in Helsingør.

The harbour is the home of KDY, Rungsted Sailing Club, Rungsted Kayak Club, Rungsted Rowing Club, Rungsted Kyst Water Ski Club and the winter bathers of Rungsted Hørsholm Viking League.

Port charges

  0 -   8 meter150 DKK
  8 - 12 meter200 DKK
12 - 15 meter250 DKK
15 - 18 meter300 DKK
18 - 20 meter400 DKK
20 -   600 DKK

Payment in the machine near the office
Free Wi-fi.
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Harbou rmaster

Anders Söderberg

Rungsted Havn

Rungsted Havn 10
DK-2960 Rungsted Kyst
Tel +45 45 86 83 11

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