Rødvig Harbour

Sail to Rodvig Marina at Stevns

Rodvig is a popular marina with a beautiful location close to Stevns Klint. Sailors, motorhomes and other guests
enjoy the active harbor, which has retained its maritime character. The harbor is divided into two: The south
which is the always busy fishing harbor and the marina in the north. Here is always something to look at, many
restaurants and shops. The harbor is surrounded by beaches and many possibilities for children in all ages.
Rodvig has developed from being a cluster of fishermen houses and a previous ramp to an active town and
harbor. The landmark is the white flint oven, which was used, when they were burning flint and discharged
calcium from the harbor.

There are many experiences around the harbor and a visit to Stevns Klint is right in front. The popular
pedestrian trail that goes all the way to the Beech forest brings you up to the 41 meter high cliff. You can visit
the Ship Engine Museum at the harbor, which has a nice collection of more than 300 engines or you can just
enjoy the beautiful nature area around the harbor.
Welcome to Rodvig Marina.

Port charges

  0 - 10 m150 DKK
10 - 15 m190 DKK
15 - 20 m290 DKK
20 - 30 m350 DKK
Catamaran   0 - 10 m180 DKK
Catamaran 10 - 15 m300 DKK
Catamaran 15 - 20 m340 DKK
Catamaran 20 m -480 DKK
Motorhome120 DKK
Slipway100 DKK

Rødvig Fiskerihavn

Fiskerihavnen 18
DK-4673 Rødvig Stevns
Tel.: +45 56 50 69 54

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Campers are welcome.
Price pr night 120 DKK