Oester Hurup Harbour

Sail to Oster Hurup yachthabour, Denmark

On the coast of Kattegat, Øster Hurup is your port of call to the region of Himmerland. It is a true summer paradise for sailors who appreciate the atmosphere of a bustling fishing harbour combined with intimacy only a small harbour can offer. The place is humming with the activity of hobby fishermen and life at the pier revolves around the many barbeque spots installed on the harbour’s old jetties.

56°48,3'N / 10°17,0'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 30 m
Width 8 m

But the harbour is not only popular among sailors – visitors from the nearby campsite and the trading town Øster Hurup flow towards the harbour in a steady stream. They come here to enjoy a meal at the local restaurant or to buy fresh fish at the store. Also the harbor's fish shop opens with sales of fresh fish and delicacies. There are dishes served on the terrace.

Himmerland provides for a lot of great experiences and the harbour offers free bikes for guests, who want the get out and explore. The beach stretching out from both sides of the harbour is known as ‘the gentle beach’, where you can romp around in the waves untroubled.

This harbour is one of the few that remain to offer a good old-fashioned slipway, allowing you to get ashore hasslefree.

Port taxes

  0 - 12 m150 DKK
12 - 15 m170 DKK
15 -230 DKK

Shower and electricity are included in the port charges.


Campervans are welcome at Øster Hurup Harbour.
Fee per day: 150 DKK

Øster Hurup Havn

Havnen 46, Øster Hurup
DK-9560 Hadsund
Tel: +45 51 29 19 01

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Brian Krogh Andersen