Oer Maritime Harbour

Udvalgte butikker og restauranter nær Øer Havn

Hos Walter, Ebeltoft

På Fiskerihavnen i Ebeltoft ligger specielbutikken 'Hos Walter' med ost, vine, spiritus, pølser, chokolade, kaffe og andet godt. Kom og smag vores lokale Molbobitter.
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Hos Walter
Stockflethsvej 13
8400 Ebeltoft
Tlf 86 34 43 31


more than just fish. Fresh and smoked fish. Ready-made soups, shellfish, and delicacies such as crayfish salad, raddish herring, salmon paté, prawns, fish cakes, and more. Also, food and music to-go with Blues’n Food.
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Stockfletsvej 12
8400 Ebeltoft
Tlf 86 34 06 80

Lindberg Boating Equipment

Lindberg Ebeltoft is the leading boating equipment store in town since 1902. Lindberg is specialized in all kinds of equipment and apparel for sailors, fishermen and outdoor activities, and our employees  vouch for our products. 
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Lindberg Sport
Havnevej 1
DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Tlf +45 86 34 30 33

Øer Smede- og MarineService

We solve all kinds of repair on your boat. From metall work to plumbing and electricity. We fix your motor and gear and even fiberglass work, as well as spray-painting and polishing. We service your rig and mount new wires with proper rigging screws for your safety. Find your way

Øer Smede- og MarineService
Strandvejen 16
DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Tel +45 91 54 84 00