Oer Maritime Harbour

Welcome to Øer Maritime Harbour

The harbour is located in a large artificial lake and is the only harbour in Denmark connected to the sea by a sluice. Well protected from wind and waves, sailors can enjoy the many activities offered to quests: Indoor swimmingpool and sauna, tennis court, gym, playgrounds and picnic areas. Also, you can hire a canoe or explore the area on one of the many hiking routes and scenic walks.

56° 08´8N / 10° 39´9 E

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Maximum ship size
Length: 26m
width: 6,5 m
Draught: 3,5 m

Øer Maritime Harbour is a holiday village with a marina that has 360 moorings and lots of room for visiting sailors. The harbour can be navigated by boats 26 m long, 6,5 m wide and with a draught of 3,5 meters.

Please note that there is a small fee for some of the activities. The harbour has restaurants, a grocery store and a charming maritime environment. Boating and mooring in the fairway and channel is only allowed for boats visiting the harbour. The harbour can be visited through the sluice from 1/4 - 15/11.

Port charges

0 - 11,99 m120 DKK
12 - 13,99 m160 DKK
14 - 14,99 m180 DKK
15 - 17,99 m210 DKK
18 - 25 m270 DKK

Ud - indslusning: 90 kr
10 turs kort: 650 kr
Kano- og kajakker udlejes

Harbour master

Gunner Jensen

Øer Maritime Havn

Oeerkrogvejen 2
DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Tel +45 61 61 66 93

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