Odden Harbour

Odden Harbour, marina in Northern Zealand

The harbour is a very active commercial harbour and is safe to call at, day and night in all kinds of weather. However, in strong onshore wind we recommend to enter from the east and steer clear of the lighthouse on the pier head.

When entering, the marina is situated on your port side, providing you with floating jetties with poles for mooring aft, and many available guest spots. Occupied moorings are marked with a red sign. On land you will find barbeque spots, toilets/bathrooms, as well as a playground. 50m to bathing jetty, sauna and tent site.

On the entire northern jetty it is possible to moor longside, which is reserved for larger ships. Be prepared to move to a different mooring at the arrival of a larger ship. In the commercial harbour mooring is not allowed. The herring dock is only for commercial ships according to prior agreement. The diesel station with card payment can be found at the entrance of the fishing harbour.

You will find the harbour premises bustling with activities related to fishing and the ships on their moorings. Fishmongers with freshly caught fish, a marine museum, fish restaurants, a boat builder, and a cafeteria add life to the harbour.

Within walking distance you will find a well-known fish smoker with a fine view of the Kattegat, as well as a grocers with a bakery. By bike you can visit Odden church and visit the grave of seafaring hero Peter Willemoe, who fought a loosing battle against the English forces. Learn more on www.oddenportalen.dk. Gniben is also worth a visit, with its stretch of untouched nature. Here, nature has been largely unharmed as it has been inaccessible for half a century due to the area’s status as a shooting range for the Danish navy. The bus to Gniben and the rest of Odsherred stops at the harbour bus stop.