Nivaa Harbour

Nivaa Harbour

Nivaa Harbour lies beautifully situated surrounded by preserved waterfront meadows and forests. A blue harbour in the middle of nature, where everything is pretty and peaceful. The harbour has its origin in a clay pit from Nivå Teglværk, a local brick factory. The area on both sides of the harbour consists of reed beds and salt marshes. Nature lovers from all walks of life will find recreation on the clean bathing beaches among the rich bird life. 

55°56,4'N / 12°31,6'E

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Maximum ship size:
Lenght 15 m
Width 4 m
Draught 2,5 m

On the harbour premises you will find an ice vendor, a restaurant and barbeque areas close to the quay. Nivå Proviant og Bådtilbehør, the local supply and boating store, lies right on the harbour, and if you wish to do more shopping, there is plenty of opportunity only 500m further down the road. There are lifeguards on the beach during the summer season, as well as beach volley and a bathing jetty. 

The harbour has all the modern facilities, such as free wireless internet, nice bath and toilet facilities, and friendly staff, who welcome guests in a relaxed atmosphere. Bus and train stations are near by, so in case the weather disappoints you can still experience plenty. For example, you can visit the local museum, Nivå Samlingen, or the Nivå Teglværk, the old brick factory nearby, or you jump on a bus to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Helsingør or Copenhagen. 

Port charges

0 - 9 m150 DKK
9 -  170 DKK


Linda Krogsgaard
Tel +45 20 82 80 40

Nivå Havn

Nivå Strandpark 25
DK-2990 Nivå
Tel +45 72 56 53 05

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