Marstal Harbour

Shopping nær Marstal Havn

Udvalgte forretninger og restauranter nær Marstal Havn.

Maritim Engineering

At the harbour lies your local boating equipment dealer with everything for your boat. We can help you with motor parts, batteries, filters, proppellers, inboard and outboard motors and more. We have our own repair shop for motors. More info here: Directions

Maritim Engineering A/S
Havnepladsen 4
DK-5960 Marstal
Tlf. +45 40 25 21 33

Restaurant Fru Berg

Directly at the Honnørkajen at Marstal Harbour with a unique view of the South Funen Archipelago. We prepare tasty food with fresh, local fish and honest produce. We bake Ærø pancakes every day. Visit our ice cream store.
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Restaurant Fru Berg
Havnepladsen 6
DK-5960 Marstal 
Tel +45 24 63 56 57