Margretheholms Harbour

Margretheholm - marina in Copenhagen

MargretheHolms harbour is better known under the name Lynetten and is Denmark's largest privately owned
harbour. It was built with the bare fists at a time, when there was a large shortage of boats spaces in Copenhagen.
Therefore, the spirit is completely different here in Christianshavn. The harbour is characterized by coziness and
unity. With its location on the Refshaleøen, the whole area is in a rapid development and the same applies to the
marina. Especially the interest in boating attracts many citizens every year to the peninsula.
Lynetten welcomes all guests.

The marina is runned by the sailing club Lynetten and has room for 700 boats. The sailing club makes the two
clubhouses available to the visitors of the harbor - also the sailing lounge with the large terrace and beautiful
views of the Refshaleøen. Here is almost everything, what the sailors need. Boat equipment store, restaurants,
slipway, crane etc. For the children a bouncy castle, that you blow up yourself before playing.
Close to the harbor is the Opera, Christianshavn, Tivoli and the rest of Copenhagen. Everything in the front of
the sailors feet and easy to visit. Either by foot or by bus.
Welcome to Margretheholms Havn and the sailing club Lynetten.

Port charges

All boats180 DKK
Slipway190 DKK


Mie Roer Jensen

Margretheholms Havn

S/K Lynetten
Refshalevej 200
DK-1432 København K
Tel +45 32 5757 78

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