Langoe Yachtharbour

Langoe Harbour at the entry of the Nakskov Fjord

Langoe Harbour was established in 1909 with a herring boat dock. Since then the boats replaced by cutters, and in 1991 yachts joined the place. The fishing harbour und the yacht harbour lie side by side and benefit from one another. Today there is only a limited number of commercial fishing vessels left, but their activity contributes greatly to the harbour’s atmosphere, and the maritime ambience attracts guests from the water and from land. Here you can also buy fresh fish directly on the harbour. 

54°49,0'N / 11°01,0'E

See the harbour map and navigation here
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Maximum ship size:
Length 38 m
Width 12 m
Draught 1,9 m

The Harbour has a modern clubhouse with kitchen, bathrooms, washing machines, and dryers. There is also a great barbeque area, from which you can enjoy the beautiful view across the fjord. Nakskov Fjord has more islands than any other fjord in Denmark, which comes in a rich bird and animal life. Among other species, here you can observe sea eagles. 

Langø in particular attracts nature lovers and is well suited for hiking, and from the highest point on the island you can enjoy the view of the fjord. From the harbour you can walk up to Langø By, a charming village with old fishermen’s houses and open spaces where fishing nets are dried. 

Denmark’s longest bike lane on a dyke goes past Langø. From the harbour you have the chance to bike on the dike all the way to Naksov, to Albuen or all the way to Rødby. Visiting sailors can rent kayaks and bikes at the yacht harbour.  

Langø yacht harbour is owned and run by Langø Boat Guild.

Port charges

  0 -   9 m120 DKK
  9 - 12 m150 DKK
12 - 15 m180 DKK

If your boat is longer than 15m, please contact the harbour master.
Electricity: 10 DKK
Boat ramp: 75 DKK

You can pay your harbour dues in the mailbox by the boat ramp. 

Send a text message to the harbour tel +45 21 48 49 28 with your name and the name of your boat. You will then receive the code to the bathroom and toilets facilities right away.

Langoe Lystbaadehavn

Lystbaadehavnen 1b
DK-4983 Dannemare
Tel +45 20 11 54 42
Send an email

Tillitsevej 22
DK-4983 Dannemare

Contact the harbour

Tel +45 24 25 16 55


Autocampere er velkommen på Langø Lystbådehavn og alle havnens faciliteter stilles til rådighed.
Pris pr døgn: 120 kr.