Kolding Yachtharbour

Kolding Lystbådehavn

Kolding Lystbådehavn er en selvejende institution og består af Nordhavnen og Sydhavnen, der er beliggende ved Kolding Å's udløb. 

The marina is divided into two, the northern and the southern part, and visiting sailors are welcome in both. The marina’s location in the middle of Denmark makes it attractive for sailors, and with its capacity for 900 boats it is one of the biggest in the entire country.

Once you are in Kolding, don’t miss out on all the exciting attractions: A tour through the geographical gardens with over 2000 plants from all over the world, the rose garden, the pharmacist’s and herb garden, as well as tame animals and a playground for children. Also, check out Kolding’s new art museum Trapholt, which is located with a fine view above Kolding Fjord. The museum is Denmark’s most modern art museum and the country’s fifth largest.

The marina rents out moorings for those who are quick! Contact the harbour master. Kolding Marina is divided into two harbours: A northern and a southern part. The facilities differ, learn more further down the page.

Kolding Lystbådehavn

Skamlingvejen 5
DK-6000 Kolding
Tel +45 75 53 27 22

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