Kastrup New Yachtharbour

The New Kastrup Yacht Harbour – large and spacious, close to Copenhagen

The new Kastrup Yacht Harbour lies on Amager, close to Copenhagen Airport. The harbour is well frequented by boats wanting to swap crew. But many other sailors find their way here every year and enjoy this modern marina with all its facilities. Here you will find a restaurant, bistro and a large marine shop, as well as free wifi. The harbour is divided into two basins, and guests are welcome in both. Be aware that the old harbour is not open for guests. 

Kastrup Yacht Harbour fits in beautifully with Kastrup Beach Park, a large recreational area close to the harbour. Here you have access to a wide array of activities at the beach, the bathing area Sneglen, a petanque court, an exercise area and a playground. During the summer, Den Blå Base, the blue base, is open for children and those who are a child at heart. Here you can pet a fish, cuddle with a crab, or participate in other activities. Den Blå Base is situated on a floating jetty on the inside of the northern harbour basin. 

For those who want to experience more, you will find The Blue Planet (the National Aquarium), the art museum Kastrupgårdsamlingen, an action centre, a public swimming pool, an ice-skating rink, a curling rink, and a cinema near by. There are convenience stores, a baker etc less than a kilometre away from the harbour. Bus and metro take you to central Copenhagen, only 7km away. Other shopping options are Skottegården or the Fields Shopping Centre.

Welcome to the new Kastrup Yacht Harbour!