Hundested Harbour

Sail to Hundested Marina

Hundested Harbour lies between Isefjord and Kattegat, close to town centre. Formerly an old fishing harbour, the port is now built around offering guests cultural experiences and entertainment. It is a centre for activities with galleries, eateries, a glassblower, a brewery, and an experience platform for petting fish and catching crabs.

Every year, the harbour offers a wide array of events, such as the arts and crafts fair, the sand festival, as well as the harbour festival with its famous fried fish filets, the visiting historical ships and the celebration of the Day of the Herring.

The harbour is divided into three sections: The northern-most and oldest basin is reserved for yachts and sport boats, the central basin with one dock is reserved for commercial fishing vessels, while the traffic harbour situated towards the south is a modern commercial port.