Helsingoer Marina

Sail to Helsingoer Marina

When you sail through the Oeresund, Helsingoer Marina is well worth a visit. The harbour lies at the foot of Kronborg Castle and the Cultural Harbour is the next door neighbour. The beautiful maritime and historical surrounding is connected by a long promenade, which leads you past many cultural institutions such as the Maritime Museum, Oeresund Aquarium, Kronborg Castle, the Cultural Harbour and on to Helsingør city centre. 

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Helsingør Marina her

56°02,6'N /  12°36,9'E

See the harbour map and navigation here
Note that the website is Danish only – use google translate.

Maximum ship size:
Length 25 m.
Width 6 m.
Draught 3 m.

Here, sailors can easily spend a few extra days, and if you need to take a break from all the impressions, Marienlyst is situated in a scenic natural landscape with long beaches right next to the harbour. 

The harbour itself is modern and has been renovated for the past few years. All facilities are top notch, with new toilets and family bathrooms located on several places around the harbour. Here in our large harbour with space for up to 1000 vessels, we always have space for another boat.

The location right where Øresund is at its narrowest, provides a great view across the sound and the busy shipping channel. There’s always something to observe and experience, so don’t skip Helsingør. 

The harbour is owned by Helsingør Municipality and is the home of Helsingør Sailing Club, Krogen Kayak Club, and Helsingør Diving Club. 

Port taxes

  0 - 15 m  220 DKK
15 - 20 m  320 DKK
20 - 25 m  475 DKK
25 - 30 m  525 DKK
30 - 35 m  730 DKK
35 - 40 m  775 DKK
40 - 45 m1030 DKK
45 - 50 m1050 DKK
50 -1800 DKK


Jesper Schrøder

Helsingør Marina

Nordhavnsvej 13
3000 Helsingør
Tlf.: +45 49 28 10 80

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