Hardeshoej Harbour

Hardeshoej Hafen

Hardeshøj Dampskibsbro is an old shipping point, where for approximately 300 years has been a ferry between Ballebro on the Jutland side and Hardeshøj on the Nordals. The ferry Bitten sails daily every half hour to Ballebro from a relatively new ferry jetty. The former ferry bridge can be accessed by yacht sailors and larger cutters. The Hardeshøj ferry inn close to the harbour dates from 1721 and is now used for holiday homes. To the west is a larger beach area covered by the Nature Conservation Act.

Harbour map

55°00,5'N 009°41,5'E

Maximum ship size:
Length 16 m
Width 5 m
Draught 2,8 m

The harbours facilities are limited to a toilet and you should bring supplies, as the nearest town for shopping is Nordborg, which is 7.7 km away. On the other hand, here is peace and quiet, the ferry provides activity and the many ships passing through Als Fjord gives a beautiful sight.
The deer jumping boat - or the reconstruction - is worth a visit.

Habour taxes

   0 -   8 m120 DKK
   8 - 12 m175 DKK
 12 - 14 m205 DKK
14 - 20 m265 DKK
20 - 25 m335 DKK
25 - 30 m385 DKK
30 - 40 m435 DKK
40 - 50 m485 DKK
50 -595 DKK

The price includes shower, water & electricity


Torben Østerby

Hardeshøj Dampskibsbro

Færgevej 70
DK-Nordborg 6430
Tel.: +45 74 42 27 65

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