Gudhjem Noerresand Harbour

Gudhjem Noerresand Harbour

Nørresand – the westernmost harbour at Gudhjem – has plenty of room for visitors. Most berths are somewhat turbulent during strong north-westerly winds. Nørresand is a popular bathing site for local residents of Gudhjem, and in 2016 a new café opened in a former smokehouse just west of the harbour.

55°12.9'N / 14°58.0'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 35 m
Width 10 m
Draught  3 m

Gudhjem affords splendid walks and rambles, including through the town, up and down well-kept stepped paths with a pervasive Mediterranean atmosphere, or along the old coastal rescue paths to the east and west of the harbour.

“Sun Above Gudhjem” is the name of a huge chefs’ competition held in Gudhjem every year, but also the name of a dish you must enjoy: smoked herring on a slice of rye bread, with onions, egg and radishes (perhaps named after the fact that it is possible to see the sun rise up from and set on the sea in Gudhjem around Midsummer’s Eve).

Port taxes

    <  7 m125 DKK
  7 - 10 m195 DKK
10 - 13 m245 DKK
13 - 16 m315 DKK
16 - 20 m380 DKK
20 - 30 m550 DKK
30 - 780 DKK

Fee includes electricity, water, sanitary facilities and wireless Internet. 
Pay at the payment machine and save 20 DKK of the above price. If the harbour fees are collected at the boat, you will be charged an additional 20 kDKK 

Discount: 8 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 2 nights free of charge.
14 nights anywhere on Bornholm gives you the 14 nights free of charge.

Øvrige priser

Slæbestedet er gratis for ikke-hjemhørende både.

Betal i automaten og spar 20 kr af ovenstående priser.
Prisen er inkl strøm, vand, bad og wi-fi.

Opkræves havnepengene ved båden, tillægges 20 kr til priserne.

Rabat: 8 overnatninger overalt på Bornholm giver den 2 overnatning gratis.
Ved 14 overnatning er 14 overnatninger gratis.

Gudhjem Nørresand Havn

Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 21
DK-Gudhjem 3760

Te45l + 56 92 23 36

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