Fredericia Yachtharbour

Sail to Fredericia Marina

The city of Fredericia in the Little Belt region is a true traffic hub and passing through is hard to avoid.The harbour is brand new and expanded to accommodate 500 boats. The marina has a new 575 m2 utility building. The ultra modern building offers an inviting guest lounge with kitchen facilities, washing machines and dryers. The building also houses three toilets as well as eight nice bathrooms. The bathrooms are large and thus very family friendly.

In 2016 Café Cozy was opened at Fredericia Marina. The café lies at the corner of the harbour basin and the eating area is 50m2. On top of that there is a 80m2 wooden terrace, which will be heated by Italian patio heaters on cold evenings. In addition to the café, which will be open all year, there is a kiosk, where you can buy coffee, beer, water, ice cream, chips and light refreshments to take away. 

While at Fredericia Marina you should also make sure to visit Norther Europes largest preserved fortified city. 

It is a city with a vibrant history, founded by King Frederik in 1650. Take a walk around the old fortress adorned with statues, canons and historical buildings. Or take your children to the Madsby park near the harbour where lots of entertainment opportunities invite them to play and have fun, or let them watch the countless animals in the park. Here everyone will find something to experience – learn more.

The entire harbour area is under extensive redevelopment and is acknowledged for its far-reaching environmental improvements. Taking a dive into the clean and clear water at the bathing beach south of the harbour is a truly refreshing treat.

As one of only a few harbours in Denmark, Fredericia has a sublift with a capacity of up to 23t. This means the harbour can offer effective and gentle lifts, for example directly onto the owner’s boat stand. On top of that, it can lift all sailing vessels with their mast in place, as they don’t have to be removed. This unique lifting system makes for easy maintenance, which means that many guests make an annual stopover at Fredericia Marina.