Egernsund Harbour

Egernsund Harbour

The harbour of Egernsund is owned by the municipality of Sonderborg and consists of a 30 meter long bridge and a jetty. The harbour lies beautifully close to Egernsund and with a nice view over the fjord. Here is a lively activity on the water and always something to look at. The toilet and bath are in connection with the eatery near the harbour, where the keys also can be collected. There are barbecue areas with tables and benches by the harbour. The closest shopping opportunities are Netto and SuperBrugsen on the other side of the Egernsund bridge.

The port of Egernsund was formerly important for the transport of bricks, but this is now done by truck. On the other side of the bridge is C.J. Skibs & Bådebyggeri ApS, which repairs yachts craft. Gråsten city is only one kilometre away and offers a cozy town with shops and restaurants. Also visit Gråsten Castle and the castle park, located in the city.

Habour taxes

   0 -   8 m120 DKK
   8 - 12 m175 DKK
 12 - 14 m205 DKK
14 - 20 m265 DKK
20 - 25 m335 DKK
25 - 30 m385 DKK
30 - 40 m435 DKK
40 - 50 m485 DKK
50 -595 DKK

The price includes shower, water & electricity


Torben Østerby

Egernsund Havn

Havnevej 1
DK-6320 Egernsund
Tel.: +45 74 42 27 65

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