Ebeltoft Yachtharbour

Sail to Ebeltoft habour, yachthabour and port in Denmark

Ebeltoft is the only west-facing harbour on the east coast of Jutland and with a fabulous view to ”Ebetoft Vig” and ”Mols Bjerge”. The harbour is situated in beautiful surroundings, encircled by a peculiar buildings of summer cottages, and close to the middle of Ebeltoft city, which makes the visit to the harbour to a special experience.

”Ebeltoft Skudehavn” is a self-governing institution, and have been in use since the 1. of May 1976 and is owned by the 328 berth owners.
We are looking forward to welcome you to ”Ebeltoft Skudehavn”

56°11.5'N / 10°40.1'E

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Maximum ship size:
Length 15 m
Width 5 m
Draught  2.5 m

The harbor has a playground for the children, and the crab race course is for the run. At the outer pier is the new harbor bath, which is a draw patch for the city's residents and the guests of the harbor. If you are into cycling, try the city's mountain bike course. Mountain bikes can be rented at the harbor.

The old market town of Ebeltoft offers many experiences - most notably the Old Town Hall, Farvergården, Frigate Jutland and Glasmuseet - all within walking distance from the harbor. There are great shopping opportunities close to the harbor, and many activities for the whole family with plenty to watch if the weather turns out bad.

Port taxes

  0 -   9 m150 DKK
10 - 13 m180 DKK
13 -220 DKK

Motorhome: 180 DKK
Including electricity.

Slipway: 60 DKK


Kenneth Friis

Ebeltoft Skudehavn

Skudehavnen 61
DK-8400 Ebeltoft
Tel: + 45 40 16 75 54


Campervans are welcome at Ebeltoft Harbour.