Augustenborg Harbour

Augustenborg Harbour on Als

The small harbour is located in the castle town of Augustenborg on Als in quiet and scenic surroundings. The harbour is close to the castle, the castle park and the many shopping opportunities in the city. Augustenborg Fjord naturally provides shelter for wind and weather as the harbour is located inside the fjord as far as you can get. Along the quay at the former commercial port, there is good water depth and the possibility of long-ship spots. If you have a rubber boat, you can sail under the bridge and into the innermost part of the fjord.

The Augustiana sculpture park is the nearest neighbour to the harbour and there is free access. The area around the harbour offers a rich nature with expansive forests and many opportunities for walking or cycling in the open air.

Habour taxes

   0 -   8 m120 DKK
   8 - 12 m175 DKK
 12 - 14 m205 DKK
14 - 20 m265 DKK
20 - 25 m335 DKK
25 - 30 m385 DKK
30 - 40 m435 DKK
40 - 50 m485 DKK
50 -595 DKK

The price includes shower, water & electricity

Other prices

School camp Ships >12 people

Below 30 m465 DKK
Over 30 m565 DKK
Over 50 m795 DKK

Augustenborg Havn

6400 Sønderborg
Tel.: +45 74 42 27 65
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